This group acknowledges that the religiously-based apartheid solution of Britain for Ireland of 1920 has failed.

We stand in favour of a single secular State, across the entire island of Ireland. The form of State to be a republic, without religiously discriminatory Oaths used to prevent advancement of citizens, preference for any religion, adhering to the aim of “Liberty, Equality, and Justice for All”.

It’s time for the island to revert to it’s natural humanist principles.

Bodily autonomy is a right, regardless of gender, and may not be abrogated based upon the religion of others.

It’s a child’s right to be told the truth by persons employed by society; teachers are not obliged to lie on behalf of the parent.

Medicinal cannabis is a human right.

A right to life is not an obligation to live, regardless of pain and suffering. (https://www.endoflifeireland.ie/)